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Why cheap website is not the way to go?

Magento is always known for its full featured ecommerce system development which is presented together in proprietary as well as in open source markets. It completes all your needs to manage online store with product upload, inventory management and many other features..

Why you need to avoid cheap website?

Older design and technologies:
Cheaper websites provided by many companies involves older technologies and designs since it is easier to develop. Often newer design and technologies require more time and effort to make the site, so website designers/developer price higher for the time consumed to make it right.

Outdated technologies :
Web technologies are evolving very quickly so it is not a good idea to use old technologies because it gets outdated too soon and end up having issues.

Outdate codes too quickly:
When a website is created using older technologies the code they use to develop get outdated which means it will create error sooner, and need expensive maintenance or redone the whole website too soon.

Poor Search Engine Results :
Technologically newer and advanced websites gets better visibility on the search engines. Infact, if your site is not mobile compatible many search engines do not even list. Similarly, if your site got errors your site will not even list on search engines.

Customer Perception
Often older technologies put out very poor designs, which mean in the customer’s eyes your website is going to be a sore rather than impressive one that they would like to continue browsing and make the initial contact. Having just any website is not the key here but one that gives you results is the key when you decide to make a site for your business so that you can convert the visitor to the customers.

Now you decide, would it be better to go with a cheaper website and have so many consequences or would you consider spending your money wisely and decide to have a website with newer and better technology and have the above-mentioned advantages?

Always, choose the right web developer to do the right website for your business. We at Clients Demos always care about the clients and their success. We spend time on learning and testing new technologies as soon as it is out. We invest in latest technologies and update our software and systems. Hence you will be advised the right product for your success on the net.

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1.Full featured

Magento is always known for its full featured ecommerce system development which is presented together in proprietary as well as in open source markets. It completes all your needs to manage online store with product upload, inventory management and many other features..

2. Numerous Payment Gateways with Delivery Options

Magento is specially made for ecommerce platform as it has the capability to be incorporated with any payment gateway or fulfilment system. It always comes with single package with a set of defaults structure, but it has inbuilt features through which we can provide a custom integration to go with any stores requirements..

3. International Support

Magento can support numerous languages and multiple currencies with various inbuilt features which can make your store to go globally. Magento ecommerce customization has approximately 60 predefined languages for most prominent support but a custom packs can be created.

4. Modular Framework

Magento extend on Zend Framework as it’s a kind of business benchmark PHP Framework. It will request the comprehensive code levels which can guarantee to match any custom needs that an online store required.

5. Scalable

Magento has infinite number of spaces or limits to upload products that you have in your catalog or else to process your various orders. It has implemented in such a way that magento can handle effortlessly more than 100s of products and customers. It has a highly developed caching method to make sure your website will be responsive devoid of require costly hosting communications.

6. Enterprise level

Magento has a lot of enterprise clients selling more than thousands of products a day. Below are the major examples. Toms The North Face Harvey Nichols

7. PCI DSS Compliance

Magento is urbanized to be PCI DSS acquiescence and goes together to ensure your commerce that can turn out to be authorized as PCI compliant devoid of need to have any costly alteration to the software.

8. SEO Friendly

Magento is intended search engine friendly where is has a features to make custom urls and Meta Data to increase any level of SEO that you required according to latest updates. It has inbuilt HTML and XML sitemap for Google as well as for User through which Google can easily ensure your website content and products.

9. Data Backups

Magento has a backup facility where you can import or export your data between different systems. This will give you a very easy functionality which can shift from previous ecommerce system to Magento.

Sustained investment and development

eBay a major ecommerce portal has newly acquired magento and has made a great deal for integrating next generation ecommerce systems. This kind of asset is reassuring to remove various risk factors which we normally face in open source CMS packages.


Magento Development is a main undertaking class ecommerce stage, engaging more than 200,000 online retailers to date and picked by 1 of each 4 online organizations. Offering intense and adaptable elements Magento’s instinctive organization interface gives propelled showcasing, site design improvement and index administration apparatuses to control the look, substance and usefulness of each retailer’s special business prerequisites. Intended to be totally versatile and offering ideal execution, Magento Enterprise Edition gives a bundle of select elements both in the backend and frontend to streamline promoting and expository methods and enhance organization alternatives. All of which significantly build the shopping knowledge of your clients.

eCommerce solution

Magento offers an extensive suite of instruments to develop a custom ecommerce solution and take complete control of the look, feel and usefulness of your website and convey an incredible web shopping background to your clients. Behind this lies a comprehensive cluster of analytical options, giving a profound understanding into your clients to develop online income, with tools to pull in more movement, draw in customers and drive changes..

• Magento is outlined on account of SEO by creating SEO-accommodating URLs, a Google website map, modified Meta catchphrases and portrayals, so it’s simple for clients to discover your items on the web.

• It offers an assortment of plug-in and topics which can without much of a stretch upgrade a client’s experience. There are a ton of angles to the online store which should be designed, and how well that is expert is frequently subject to business sharpness.

• In view of open design and with the backing of several outsider expansions, Magento offers an unparalleled level of adaptability and alternatives to interface with outsider web applications.

• Speed is of the substance in ecommerce. Nobody needs to need to sit tight for frameworks to reload when you’re doing a great deal of web shopping. With such a hearty rundown of components local to the application, strains can be put on your server...

M commerce

More online clients are utilizing telephones and tablets to search and shop, whether they’re on the go or from the solaces of their home.

• Magento makes it simple for your clients to peruse, hunt and purchase from your versatile, utilizing signals, for example, swipe, zoom, and move and customize that portable clients have generally expected.

• Magento offers a versatile retail facade that consistently coordinates with your current online store, furnishing your clients with a drawing in portable shopping knowledge that conveys the full force of ecommerce to your versatile business channel and incorporates it into your store’s index, checkout, stock, reporting and different capacities.

Some benefits

• Installation is easy with additional availability of layouts and plug-in

• Offers scalable and flexible ecommerce solution

• Cost effective

• Provides the facility of entering promo codes on checkout pages

• Allows for more than 50 payment gateways

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In today’s Internet driven world, upholding a huge amount of on-line content requires website development. If you wish to maintain an effective web presence along with the best impressions for your products and services then, it is necessary to maintain a content driven website which is not just detailed but also very time consuming..

To offer a new look to your site would require rephrasing group of HTML files, which would require infinite hours of hard work. It is now possible for you to create a website full of pages instead of writing a separate HTML file for each page. A website design i.e. database driven websites built with PHP and MySQL is the key to these problems.

More often than not database driven websites are dynamic websites. You need a database management (DBMS) system in order to build a database driven website in PHP. Some of the frequently used database systems include MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.

It has to be noted as a matter of fact that in dynamic database driven website, intricacy of maintaining and updating your website is reduced considerably as compared to traditional web pages. Database driven web sites help in storing enormous amounts of information, regarding your products or services. Moreover, the complexity involved in sites maintenance is greatly reduced. With fresh and constantly updated content, visitors could be attracted and at the same website interactivity increased.

PHP/ MySQL have turned on to become one of the most powerful and complicated language in order to keep pace with the competition and to fulfill the needs of more demanding project. Although, learning PHP/ MySQL has opened the doors of opportunity yet the new features are too intricate for the beginners to learn. Further, the newly evolved PHP/MySQL has deserted many of its beginners features which gave it an edge over its competitors.

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Practical Reasons to Hire Magento E-Commerce Developers

Running an online business is not as easy as it seems. It involves several strategies along with the management of multiple resources. Without a strong foundation, it is very hard for an e-commerce business to survive in the global competition, which is why entrepreneurs prefer to have an efficient and reliable platform that can enhance the productivity of their businesses. To meet this expectation of entrepreneurs, developers are using Magento to improve the performance of e-commerce websites.

Magento is an open source software that is mainly used for creating and maintaining websites, particularly those which sell products and services. A developer can easily download this software and use innovative skills to get the desired results from it as per the expectations of the business owner. A widely used platform for website management, Magento has several benefits to offer such as multitude of excellent features, flexibility, search engine optimization, development of shopping carts and management of multiple online stores just to name a few. To get all these benefits, an online business requires Magento e-commerce developers. Following are some practical reasons to hire these developers:

With the help of Magento experts, you can take clever decisions regarding the design and functionality of your website. This way you can provide a better experience to the customers while they browse through your website.

Developers who have prior experience in handling websites based on Magento, will clearly understand your needs and expectations, and thus will create your online store exactly the way you want.

The team of Magento developers analyzes your requirements and provides the necessary resources. It also uses a proper methodology to define the phases of the project and their timelines, thus giving you the best results within a specific time frame.

Chances of project failure are less when you hire professional Magento developers instead of freelancers. Moreover, these developers offer support and guidance even after the completion of the project.

Solutions offered by Magento developers include designing, training, coding, support as well as SEO. Using these solutions, you can achieve a greater level of customer satisfaction and thus increase the number of sales.Share


Important Factors That Can Help Your Ecommerce Website Succeed

From small business owners to large corporate giants, every company can gain benefits from creating their own Ecommerce site. Selling a physical product or consultation services or intangibles is possible through it as it offers flexible solutions to all kinds of businesses. Now the growth of your organization depends largely on how strong your web presence is and how it offers a unique experience to the customer base. Whatever sector you are catering to, your site must have excellent usability, relevant information, enhanced search functionality and should be accessible from anywhere. Here in this article, we have pinpointed some fundamental factors that you should consider before building your ecommerce website..

Know your target market:

Before hiring an ecommerce development company, it is very important to understand your target market. An ecommerce site opens up endless opportunities and helps to sell across the world. So, explore your target markets and understand the tax laws, excise duties, trade practices and shipping costs before proceeding with the plan.

Ecommerce plugins and extension:

Extensions or plugins are essential to add rich functionalities to your online store. And your ecommerce development company can help you to add them to your site and this will enhance payment modes, offer a rich user experience and even keep track of your sales performance. There are several plugins available for each platforms and adding them to your site will enhance its performance.

Web content:

We all are aware of the fact that “Content Is King” and in the digital space it is always “Sell While You Tell”. Therefore the way you present your products or services plays an important role. Make sure that you invest in high quality and relevant content, interactive images, clear links, product descriptions and even reviews and even videos and instructional content to influence your customer’s purchase decisions..

Website optimization:

It is very important to gain higher visibility with the search engines if you are willing to increase sales. In that case SEO can help as it increases your brand visibility and the possibility of conversion. The higher you attan ranking in the SERPs, the more your customers will know about you and this will increase the traffic to the site. So,i invest some time to do thorough research on top relevant keywords and ensure that your site is well optimized for the search engines.

The social scene:

Once your customer is through the transaction process of your ecommerce site, the next step is to offer them a confirmation and an appreciation of their purchase. This can be done with a confirmation page and also with an email follow up. This will ensure that your brand stays on top. You can use a variety of tools that allow you to gather information on the purchase data of your consumers so that you can reach out to them with promotions, discounts and launch of new products.

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Important Plugins to Use with WordPress Development

If you are a WordPress developer, then staying up to date with the latest development is a must. Though there are various reasons to love WordPress, you can’t beat the feeling of using the latest plug-in and instantly transforming the way your website functions. With each technology, developing at a rapid pace, the WordPress platform is no more behind the others. But the fact is that many developers are still not using the plugins and they have not got the desired exposure. I have decided to change this. Here in this Blog, I will discuss with you some important plugins that will help you while developing a project in the WordPress platform.

Logaster Logo Generator

This is an online service that is used to create logos and corporate identity. You can enter your website’s name and the plugin will create dozens of logos that are saved in the media library. Since they are fully integrated, you can easily add them to the home page, article or any theme.

WP Property

This plugin is developed by the same people who brought the WP invoice. As always, the system is customizable, integration I seamless, the functionality is rich. This is in fact a full suite of plugins and you don’t have to download a plethora of other plugin, with the hope of all working well together.

Flash Video Gallery Plugin

With this plugin, you can easily create a nice gallery of video for your site. It is extremely quick to use and you can easily add the url of your video and Youtube url and that is all that you need to do. You can configure the module according to your needs and then add titles, image in thumbnail, choose the color, text format, number of rows of thumbnail and lot of things more.

Fanpage Connect

This is a plugin that helps you to create and administer your Facebook fan page from WordPress blog. With one click, you can now leverage the world’s most powerful blog engine and maximize your business or brand exposure with Facebook. With this plugin, give your Fan Page the look and functionality that WordPress offer without all the coding.

AD Code Widget

This allows you to place a banner of any size into the widget ready bar for WordPress. You can easily paste Javacript, HTML and IFrame, or even PHP code without any problem. The ad code supports multi widget option and you can add more than one banner to the sidebar.

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How to Boost Up Your Magento Website Speed and Improve Performance?

Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms that are used by business owners to grow their online business. If the platform is not setup correctly, then it will run slow as it is a heavy ecommerce CMS system. I have personally seen that even the most experienced web developers miss the settings and are at times unable to enhance the speed and performance of Magento website. Customer satisfaction and proper loading speed are the two prime factors that affect your services and so it is important to reduce the loading time and the bounce rates. So here, I will discuss with you some effective means to improve Magento’s performance, but also make sure to download the free study guide from Magento website.

Magento Caching:

It is important to enable caching, as this will optimize the performance of the site. When all the settings are done and the site is also ready, go to System Cache Management. Set the Action dropdown to Enable and then submit. Doing this will help to increase the performance and those who are used to server administration can even do more. There are caching extensions that can also be incorporated to speed up the site.

Remove unused codes:

Magento developers, while writing codes should always take care to avoid writing repeated codes as it reduces the loading speed of a website. Remove any unused codes from the home page and for this you can go to the CMS menu, look for the page menu, go the home page and remove any unused codes.

Enable output compression:

This can only be done if the mod_deflate apache module is installed in your server. This will help to compress text, Javascript and CSS before it is sent to the browser. The output is smaller download size of the components that helps the pages to load faster in the browsers.

Enable output compression:

This can only be done if the mod_deflate apache module is installed in your server. This will help to compress text, Javascript and CSS before it is sent to the browser. The output is smaller download size of the components that helps the pages to load faster in the browsers.

Enable Expires Headers:

These are used by the browsers to determine for how long a component can be cached. They are mostly used with images, but to speed up the site, Magento development companies should use them on all the components that include scripts, Flash files and stylesheets.

Use a content delivery network:

This has gained a lot of popularity and it reduces the problem of serving static files to the audience of the site. Content delivery network has many advantages like cost effectiveness, improvement in the performance of the site, especially to the visitors who come from all around the world.


How To Choose The Best Ecommerce Development Company?

Since the beginning, we have been into the Stone Age, Bronze Age, civilizations, British Era, etc. Now we have advanced ourselves and are living in the Web and Mobile Age. We have made ourselves so comfortable with the use of mobiles that we want everything to happen in our small smart devices. The advance search feature, to online chatting and to purchasing items online, all are possible on our palm device.

The online purchasing has become more common and advanced in past few years. A number of online stores, apps and products are in demand and so has the number of the ecommerce development companies in India have increased rapidly over the years. Thus, it has become tough in selecting the best Ecommerce company for our business. To build an Ecommerce website is not a joke and to choose one among the many ecommerce platforms is a hard job. There are a number of factors that are to be kept in mind while developing it. We come across so many questions in our mind while approaching an ecommerce development company like.

How many projects you have successfully completed?

How much would you charge?

What kind of services you will offer?

On which technologies you work?

What is the payment policy that you follow?

How much time will it take to complete the project?

Do you offer after development services?.

What are the ecommerce platforms that you use? And which platform will you use to develop my website?

Which design I should prefer, a custom design or theme based design?

To lessen your burden here are some key points that will help you choose an ecommerce development company.


The first and the foremost thing for choosing an ecommerce company is to thoroughly go through the portfolio of the company. This helps you in finding a similar match for your requirement. This will also give you the idea of the technologies they use, a variety of projects that they have successfully accomplished, and their expertise in this field..


Choose a company which has a vast experience in building an ecommerce website. A profound expertise in User Interface, User Experience, Web Design and Development will help you in understanding and fulfilling your requirements.

Development Process

The developing process is the one factor in which development relationships are maintained. The company should offer you clear strategy of project accomplishments so that the customer may be able to know the step-by-step implementation of the phases that are completed along with the time period. Make sure that all the implementation of the development is completed within the time frame and provide you the final product on time. With the emerging new technologies in the market make sure that the latest trends and techniques are followed..


Choosing a proper communication channel is a must for the client and the developer to communicate. Skype, Emails, Project Management Tools, etc. can be used for proper communication if clients and developers are far away. Discuss and feel free to raise queries and get all your doubts solved..

Payment Policies

This is the crucial part of the ecommerce development. Before going in for the deal discuss the budget with the team. Also, make sure of the clauses, hidden agreements, 3rd Party charges, etc. which may not lead to the loss in the end. A standard cost along with the policy and terms and conditions sheet will help you to finalize the deal.


Well, it is going to be a tough process to select an ecommerce Development Company India. Choose such a company that fulfils the basic requirements and is in the budget. Also, make sure that they use the best suitable technologies and complete the project in the time frame. Don’t be in a hurry, select 3 to 4 companies that are appropriate and choose the best. Share on Facebook.

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SEO in 2017 – Which Tips and Tricks you will follow?

The SEO world keeps on changing at a rapid speed. Customer’s expectations, Google’s updated Algorithms keep the marketers continuously thinking. Complacency will harm your ranking and lower your marketing position.

As we are on the verge of beginning the 2017 year, it’s good to have a close look on the upcoming SEO strategies. So here’s what the SEO Experts will look into:.

Audience targeting in place of keyword Research?

Who is my Audience?

How will you serve their needs?

Who they really are?.

Are they visiting my site or just by mistake they jumped into our site?

What is the thing that draws them to our site? What are they looking for?

Are they willing to buy a product? And if so then what sort of service you will provide?

After having a rich targeted audience, then you can convert them into your valuable customers. But it’s a long way to reach. The first step is to have an audience. Moreover, the strong content will act as a guiding source that will add a bonus. Both the content and these questions will help your boat sail to the river bank.

Artificial Intelligence will be prominent:

Haven’t you heard of Google’s RankBrain? A deep study as to what is it and how it’s going to work and the effects it’s going to make in SEO is important. A recent post by TechCrunch will take you to deep thinking! This simply tells us that we have run at the lightening speed. Well, to be more precise on this, the Search Engine Land, has in his article, briefly, reduces theconfusion about RankBrain.

We all know that Google uses several algorithms for SEO and ranking. So, we need not to worry, just make sure to use solid content that attracts the user

PPC will play a major role:

We saw some major changes being made to Adwords in 2016. Apart from the ads shown on the right-hand side, text ads were expanded, desktop and mobile ads are handled separately, and few search results show the SERPs.

We have PPC as the only method of finding out the exact keywords that are entered by the user when the query is being made. With the increase of the voice search on mobile devices, not only brand awareness and conversions provide valuable data but also are helpful in SEO strategy. With the increase in the advancement of the Adwords, a smart strategy should also include some budget for PPC.

Will Link Building be dead?

It’s hard to ignore backlinks, but the efforts, expense, and planning goes all in vain when the output over the search engine is diminishing. The aim of the Google’s Page Rank was to determine the authority based on the site number and quality links pointed to that site.

The overall idea was to earn the links that came in naturally. Well, rather than going after links, one should earn them. Here’s an interview that we did with Julie Joyce, let’s see what’s shehas to say about link building.

Final Thoughts:

Yes, the time is up! And SEO in 2017 will be full of surprises and excitement as it had been in the past. Brands needs to utilize their time and start strengthening their time in SEO and Ranking.

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